Taking Delivery

Taking delivery of your Expedition Log Home Package is a very exciting day for you and your family and for us at Expedition Log Homes! Here are 10 things that you can do to prepare yourself, your contractor, and your building site for this important day.

1-Have your site prepared and ready for the amount of materials you will be receiving. Each truck will be 48'-52' long and you will have from 1-4 trucks depending on the size of your package. You also must have CLEAR and ACCURATE directions to your building site prior to delivery day.

2-Be sure your driveway is able to handle the size and space needed for full semi trucks to unload and turn around- IF NOT have an alternate site available as a back-up.

3-You MUST have a fork lift on-site and ready to go BEFORE the first trucks arrival. This lift MUST be able to handle all terrains and be able to LIFT 4000-6000 pounds up to 13'high. Make sure that the lift truck has an EXPERIENCED DRIVER and preferably the lift truck has an extending boom.

4-Have adequate help on hand to assist with the delivery-usually 2-3 people besides yourself is adequate UNLESS your site needs more "hands on" unloading. MORE PEOPLE are BETTER THEN LESS!

5-Have items to cover your materials on-site and ready to go. This includes tarps, plastic, staplers, storage units(if needed or desired but NOT required). If you have a storage building on-site have it cleaned out and ready to PRIOR to delivery day.

6-Have your contractor available and on-site during ALL deliveries. This allows you to ask specific questions and he will be able to locate all materials where they want them.

7-Have some scrap 2x4's, blocking, etc... on hand to stage the loads that come off the truck- this is used to set the loads "off" the ground when the lift sets down the load.

8-PREPARE FOR BAD WEATHER! Plan ahead for rain, snow, wind, etc... if your site is not good for rain/snow/size have an alternate site NEARBY ready and available BEFORE delivery day. If there is snow, have the site plowed PRIOR to delivery day. It is very important that you have and adequate fork lift to handle these conditions and a prepared site to go with it!

9-Keep in contact with Expedition Log Homes at all times PRIOR to delivery day if you have special needs or delivery day changes. ALL special requests MUST be requested at least 2 weeks PRIOR to your delivery day.

10-Have any and all final payments/checks ready to go PRIOR TO the trucks arrival-all final payments MUST be made PRIOR to the unloading of any trucks- VERY IMPORTANT! Your ELH representative will be there to assist on delivery day and collect any funds that are due

Following these 10 steps will make the delivery of your Expedition Log Home package go smoothly and get your log home project off to a great start. CONGRATULATIONS!