Log Home Specifications

Log Styles

Expedition Log Homes offers several log styles to fit your projects style and budget. We offer both kiln-dried and air-dried logs. Please see the descriptions for both below.

Log Sizes

Expedition offers log sizes that range from 6 - 14" in a wide range of log corner options. Below you will find size descriptions along with each log option.

Kiln-Dried Handcrafted Log

Kiln-drying logs ensures stability, consistency, eliminates insects and bacteria in the wood and greatly reduces unsightly sap stains. Kiln-dried logs area a premium product cut from the heartwood of the log, and are handcrafted with a draw knife. Kiln-dried logs are typically more expensive but are much lighter to work with, require no real dry time prior to finishing, and require less prep work than air-dried logs.

  • Available in 6',8",10" and 12" profiles.
  • Mix of Norway Pine and White Pine

Air-Dried Handcrafted Log

Cut from the heartwood of the log and handcrafted with a draw knife. This log is typically less expensive than kiln-dried logs but heavier to work with, requires a longer drying period on the house before finishing can occur, and requires more prep work prior to finishing.

  • Available in 6",8",10",12" and profiles.
  • Mix of Norway Pine and White Pine and available in Northern White Cedar.

Air-Dried Swedish Cope Log

This log style is the tightest fitting and the Swedish Cope log is precision milled to exact size and tolerance standards. Each log is coped to fit snugly over the log below. Then each log is handcrafted with a draw-knife to give it that one-of-a-kind appearance!

  • Available in 8",10",12"and 14" profiles.
  • Species include Douglas Fir and Lodge pole Pine.

Kiln-Dried Timber Log

This unique log product gives you a the same log cant height of the above logs but Expedition mills a majority of the round face of the log off, leaving a knife beveled edge and giving a heavy planked look to each project. This beveled edge allows for the log to be either caulked or chinked. This log profile will give you a rustic log look but a flat wall appearance. It is available in a rough sawn for exteriors or a smooth planed finish for interiors. Corner and trim styles for this product are square vertical, round vertical, and dovetail corners.

  • Available in 6 ",8' and 10" profiles
  • Species include Norway Pine, White Pine and Northern White Cedar.

Old Frontier Log Siding

This is another unique kiln-dried log product that is similar to "Timber Log Siding" but gives you a cant height of 9" or 12" and rather then having a natural hand-drawn edge it gives you more refined or "grooved" edge. We source this product from the western U.S. and it is available in Douglas Fir and Lodgepole Pine.

  • Available in 9" & 12 " profiles.
  • Species- Douglas Fir and/or Lodgepole Pine

Kiln-Dried Cabin Log Siding

This log profile is exactly what the name implies, it is a siding, designed for a budget conscious project. It has a smaller profile and offers a more contemporary look. It can be combined with 8" handcrafted log trim from above to give a very attractive look.

  • Available in 2 "x7" or 3 "x9" profiles.
  • Species Norway Pine